Hinckley Santa


Hello boys and girls, it’s Santa here. 

Did you know that the good people of Hinckley Round Table have been bringing joy to the good people of Hinckley for well over forty years now. How I hear you say, well I love coming along to the streets of Hinckley and visiting all you boys and girls each and every year. Now I can’t use my reindeer as they sure need all the rest they can get so they are ready for Christmas eve. So the fine gentlemen of Hinckley Round Table give up their own free time to allow me to come and visit you.  You’ll know when I’m around because you are sure to hear my sleigh long before you see it, after all I do love a bit of Mariah Carey, slade and who could forget The Pogues.

When it comes to that time of year again Hinckley Round Table are out in force collecting your donations. And do you know what 100% of all the money raised goes straight back into the Hinckley community all for local good causes. If you’re not able to donate when I come and visit please check out our donate page to see how to donate either by text or online on our Just Giving page.

So how will you make sure to make the best of when I come to visit you and ensure you don’t miss me…

  • Check when and where I am going to be and the route I am going to take here
  • Listen out for my favourite music
  • Watch for my beautifully lit sleigh
  • Make sure you wrap up nice and warm
  • Get your grown-up to bring their camera with them
  • Post your pictures online and don’t forget to tag me in them
  • And most importantly, don’t forget to wave and say HO HO HO…

So for now I’ll say tatty bye and I’ll see you very soon around.